15 May 2017


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25 Feb 2014

Atlanta SX

TLR had another great weekend. All 5 riders that use TLR engines qualified and did outstanding. Jace was leading his heat race for a few laps on his TLR built CRF250, which shows again TLR can put you in front and stay up front. Jace Owens lead for 2 laps until his front end washed out. Vince Friese pulled a 3rd place start from the outside in the main on his TLR built CRF250 and if he didn't get caught up with a Yamaha rider he would have been on the podium. Shows TLR can make the POWER. He ended up 6th because of downed rider in front of him. Jimmy Decotis had a unbelievable night finishing 7th on his TLR built CRF250. Had a poor start and came through the pack from 17-18th position to finish 7th. Incredible!!! AJ Catanzaro had a decent start and finished 13th which i know AJ was not feeling good, but he is totally capable of running top ten easily. Gannon Audette had a good night on his TLR built Kawasaki 250 and ounce he breaks his shell he will be in top ten as well.

TLR Performance can get you to the front and run up front. We make big power and reliable power guaranteed. Doesn't matter what you ride. We do all brands,CC's and two strokes as well.

17 Feb 2014

Arlington, Texas 1st East coast Super Cross

Was a great weekend for TLR Performance. Motors ran incredible and proved it with Vince Friese career best 4th in the main and Jimmy Decotis pulling hole shot in qualifier(pic on racerx#56). Vince Friese, AJ Catanzaro, Jace Owens(Factory Metals Works Team) and Jimmy Decotis all on TLR Powered Honda CRF 250's. Gannon Audette on TLR Powered KX250F. TLR has proven for 18 years that we can produce the power and have the reliability it takes to run up front.

Many know RJ Hampshire. He was are last ametuer to come through the ranks and get a team ride. Join TLR and get on are motor program. It's been proven for years that we have what it takes.

05 Aug 2013

Congrats to RJ Hampshire

Congrats RJ for doing your best at Loretta's and getting 3rd overall on his TLR built Honda CRF 450.
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