TLR Performance specializes in performance for four-stroke and two-stroke engines.

We carefully consider the type of riding and power delivery you are looking for. We then design an engine package for you.

Give us a call to take advantage of our experience and to allow you to win more races.

"I was blown away when I hopped on my bike. I had Todd port and polish my head and the bike just rips!

By far the biggest improvement I've ever felt with the amount of work that had been done! Thanks for the great motor!”

- Dano Aulseybrook. Age 19 from Ortonville, MI.

TLR OEM Race Heads

New OEM heads ported ready to go from TLR.
Heads can be purchased with a variation of assembles:

1: Porting only
2: Ported with Beryllium seats and stock guides
3: Ported with Beryllium seats and Bronze guides
4: Includes #3 with stock valves and TLR valve spring kit
5: Includes #3 with TLR valves and TLR valve spring kit

Prices will be listed soon for each model. Call or email for prices.

TLR Billet Cams

TLR High Performance race cam.
Available for all makes and models.

TLR Clutch Springs

TLR High Performance clutch springs.
Available for all makes and models.

TLR CNC Machining

TLR can CNC your racing number on your bikes clutch cover at a flat rate of $100.

TLR Tee's

White Tee
Black Tee
TLR Tee's are $19 per shirt.
Please call or email to place an order.

TLR Decals

Black Decal
White Decal
TLR bike and vehicle decals.
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