05 Aug 2013

Congrats to Tim Ferry on his Loretta’s Championship

Congrats to Tim Ferry on his championship at Loretta's on his TLR built Kawasaki KXF 450. Thanks to Hinson, Boyesen, Moto Tassanari and Stellar Graphics for the help getting the product needed for his KXF450 for Loretta's.

26 Mar 2013

RJ Hampshire

Congratulations to RJ Hampshire for winning TWO 450 A Championships at Oakhill and Freestone on his TLR Performance Honda CRF 450.

04 Mar 2013

A good night for TLR

TLR had 3 riders in the main event last Saturday night. With Jimmy Decotis having his best finish of the season with a 7th(despite being very sick) and AJ Cantanzaro finishing his best 13th and Kyle Hussy 14th. Great job to all for making it to the main in this highly stacked class of best riders in the country.

14 Feb 2013

East Coast Supercross

TLR will have 6 riders this year to race in 2013 East Coast Supercross Series. #613 Jimmy Decotis,#73 AJ Cantanzaro,# 675 Kyle Hussy, Joey Peters,#225 Tyler Mcquewin and Matt Johnson. TLR has high expectations for these riders so keep an eye out for them