TLR Performance specializes in performance for four-stroke and two-stroke engines.

We carefully consider the type of riding and power delivery you are looking for. We then design an engine package for you.

Give us a call to take advantage of our experience and to allow you to win more races.

5 AX Titles in 3 Years

AJ Catanzaro
Shane Sewell
Dano Aulseybrook
Tyler Medaglia
Dave Ginolfi

28 Jul 2012
Motocross School ETI
Engine Tech Institute will be offer to those interested in learning how to rebuild topends on the new fourstrokes as well as regular bike maintenance, mapping and a whole lot more. Check us out on facebook for more info on ETI.

12 Mar 2012
2012 KX250F engine kit
TLR has a great new engine kit for the new 2012 KX250F with the dual injector. We have a new cam set,piston kit,port spec and mapping that makes huge gains throughout the entire power curve. Has increased bottom with a wide torque curve and big power up top. TLR recommends using FMF exhaust systems on all engine kits.
24 Jan 2012
Carl Schlacht
Carl tearin it up at Davi's GA house.
28 Jul 2011
Evegny's bike
Evegny is on a RMZ 450 2011. We started out with stock suspension done by TLR and the motor only has port work by TLR as well. We purchased some used Showa A kit and it was his first ride at Washougal on it. There are no other motor mods because this is the only bike he has. He practices twice during the week doing two 40 minute moto's a day on those days and races the that same bike on the weekends. So reliability is a must. It has a Vortex ignition and FMF exhaust that's it.

Are results have been getting better and better every weekend until Washougal were Evegny had picked up a cold before that weekend. But he will be ready for Unadilla.

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